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  1. Hi, can you put my name down on reserve - Rory Cox Will pay for tickets next month!
  2. Just bought two units of Tomb Kings skeleton spearmen and two units of TK archers, as well as a unit of Blood Knights. Now have the 2000 points of Grand Host of Nagash....to the paints!!!
  3. Thanks so much! Will definitely try....just need to figure out if I have enough time to get 2000 points painted up. Have about 1200 Stormcast and 1200 LoN at the moment!
  4. Hi, I'm pretty new to the hobby, and have never been to a tournament before but would love to give one a try. What size army does the tournament require? 1000 / 1500 / 2000 points? Thanks! Rory
  5. That's great guys, thank you! Looks like I was confused about the WITHIN 3" phrasing. I was assuming that stopping AT a distance of 3" still qualified for pile-in, but in fact the base has to be WITHIN 3", which obviously you can't do with a normal move....thus necessitating the Charge roll. Brilliant!!! Thank you!!!
  6. A simple question that I'm struggling to find an answer for... I have a Black Knights cavalry unit 10" away from an enemy unit. During the movement phase I move it 7" towards the enemy, i.e. halting 3" from the enemy unit. I'm now within pile-in range for the combat phase. BUT, I want to 'Charge', because I get buffs for charging with the unit (+1 attacks and +1 damage). Do I still have to roll for the Charge...because technically the Charge could still fail, if I roll double 1s...? If I roll double 1s and the charge roll fails, presumably I can still pile-in, but won't get the charge buffs? Is this correct? Thank you!!!!
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