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  1. Regarding Barak Thryng, the book says that they gain the Barak Thryng keyword, but not the Kharadron Overlords keyword. Since they don't have the KO keyword, we should pay allied points for duardin units... BUT that would make the additional rules redundant (about those units not counting for battleline and they can't be chosen for general). Seems to me that they missed that, my ruling would be that GW ****** it up and you can definetly use duardin units without paying allied points but maybe I'm wrong. On the other hand, what about using Gotrek on Barak Thryng?
  2. He also said in that blog that Knight Azyros gave +1 to hit instead of hit rerolls of 1
  3. The idea is to keep out of range of the witches as much as I can, while having some melee dmg against them if needed... I'll think about getting rid of volley guns on the riggers and taking the saws or taking the Skywardens instead, The second Khemist was there for redundancy against possible Snipes. Maybe I could give the feather to the second Khemist instead, so he can "follow" the unit of riggers. Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I agree this is not an usual list for KO, but it is a very specific list against a specific army. Kharadron has a lot of potential but for me they are not meant for one trick lists, I find myself measuring and thinking my moves way more with them than with all the other armies I played... That's why I can't wait for a rules updates for our flying dorfs!
  4. I have been thinking about that list I posted the other day and finally I have come to this: Allegiance: Kharadron Overlords Mortal Realm: Ghur Skyport: Barak-Mhornar - Additional Footnote: There's No Trading With Some People Leaders Knight-Incantor (140) - Allies Aether-Khemist (160) - General - Trait: Opportunistic Privateers - Artefact: Gryph-feather Charm Aether-Khemist (160) Battleline 10 x Arkanaut Company (120) - 3x Light Skyhooks 10 x Arkanaut Company (120) - 3x Light Skyhooks 40 x Arkanaut Company (480) - 12x Light Skyhooks Units 5 x Evocators (200) - 5x Grandstaves - Allies 9 x Endrinriggers (360) - 3x Aethermatic Volley Guns - 3x Drill Cannons Total: 1740 / 1750 Extra Command Points: 0 Allies: 340 / 400 Wounds: 108 This is definetly a totally different list from the other day but I think, that Mhornar will help me way better than Zifilin against DoK. Also, now I have: + wizzards +bigger blob of Arkanauts + another hero + bigger unit of endrinriggers - no deepstrike - no ships! And, if I'm not wrong, I can use the "Who strikes first, strikes hardest" ability on the evocators too. I still got some time until friday to play with this list but I'm pretty happy about this one so far.
  5. Yup, one khemist + 14 thunderers on the frigate (maybe also the endrinriggers depending of his list/deploy) And yes, probably a blob of 30 + 6 endrin is better than 40 + 3 Thank you!
  6. Thanks! I did saw that video and it was so fun to see, also the khorne one. But I feel that taking two ships in a 1750 points game (its a weird league) its going to cost me too much fire power. I think I'm going to take something like that: (inspired in what you suggested) Allegiance: Kharadron OverlordsSkyport: Barak-Zilfin- Additional Footnote: There's No Trading With Some People LeadersAether-Khemist (160)- GeneralAether-Khemist (160) Battleline20 x Arkanaut Company (240)10 x Arkanaut Company (120)10 x Arkanaut Company (120)Units15 x Grundstok Thunderers (300)9 x Endrinriggers (360)War MachinesArkanaut Frigate (240)Total: 1700 / 1750Extra Command Points: 1Wounds: 97 Maybe I could swap 6x endrin for 20x Arkanauts more, leaving the other 3 endrinriggers as a supporting fast unit (helping to control objectives)
  7. Hello guys! Fellow stalker here. Ive got a game next week against DoK but I don't have any clue about what can KO do against those crazy witches. What would you play against them? Maybe some of your ideas could help me win that match, thank you!
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