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  1. Yep, I can't imagine it's intentional. Hopefully will get fixed soon!
  2. I'm confused by yesterday's errata to the Magmic Battle Forge, and hoping someone here can explain it to me. If I'm understanding correctly, the Molten Blessing ability has been changed to be used in the hero phase rather than at the start of the hero phase. But doesn't that mean it now gets used after prayers have been cast? Hoping I am missing something obvious here!
  3. Like a lot of people I was in the hobby as a kid and then got out of it and now back in again, but the thing that drew me back in was Shadespire - I was very attracted to the mechanics of the game, and it was a less intimidating initial investment in terms of cost and time than most GW games. On the question of whether women are more likely to be attracted to specific armies/model ranges, I don't know to be honest - personally I'm a bigger fan of dwarves than elves, and I suspect that women's taste in models probably varies just as much as men's does. So for me, it's more about having better representation overall than trying to appeal to women in specific ways. I'll be interested to see what others think about this though.
  4. Hi folks. Woman gamer here, been lurking for a while but signed up so I could reply to this. I'm a newbie to AoS, but have been playing Shadespire regularly at my FLGS for the last 9 months with a community that is vastly male dominated, and have had a really good time. My thoughts on the main things that have made this a good experience for me: - So far I've not encountered anyone who has said 'gosh, you're a woman!', or expressed surprise that I'm there, or asked if I'm at an event because I'm with my boyfriend (my partner doesn't play), or anything like that. The people I play with have treated me just like any other opponent. This has been a massive positive for me, and is something that I think is really important for making women feel properly included in a community. I was super nervous before I went along to the store for the first time, and it wouldn't have taken much to put me off from going back. -No one I play with regularly has ever complained about the existence of female models in the hobby. Clearly such people do exist, so I've probably been lucky here, but that's been another big positive for me. Personally I don't have a strong preference for playing with female models myself (I'm currently collecting an AoS Fyreslayer army!), but having female models in the range matters a lot to me as it helps me feel that women are part of the intended audience for the hobby. - I've not yet come across anyone making jokes or using language that's made me feel uncomfortable. Similar to what another poster said above, crude jokes typically wouldn't bother me, but language relating to sexual assault definitely would. In terms of other stuff that is important for attracting women into the hobby, I think having visible role models at GW and in popular hobby media is really helpful - I'm gutted that Ceri has stopped hosting WHTV, because I think she was a fantastic role model for women in the hobby. I'm not sure I've ever seen a woman in a photo from an AoS event, and that makes me less likely to want to go to one (I'm sure there are photos out there, but it's the overall perception that matters here not the exception cases).
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