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  1. @Luzgurbel I'd be interested to see your list, more specifically caster(s) are running and the ratio of brutes to Ardboys!
  2. @Malakree how did you find 2 units of Brutes? Seen a lot of lists running at least 3, did you ever feel you wanted more kill-ie things, or just played the objective game?
  3. I was also thinking about this. However, I'd consider dropping the swords, swapping the weirdnob to a fungoid and then upgrading some units to brutes (I think you can get to 3x5 Brutes, 1x3 Gruntas and 1x10 Ardboys)
  4. Playing without Bloodtoofs severely increases the number of deployments made. In practice, does this have an effect on games? As we seem to already be fighting an uphill battle, does having the choice to go first/second not play in our favour?
  5. Been working on an Ironjawz list myself, have a load of models and I'm in the process of painting + building now. I haven't finalized the list and was hoping to get some feedback The base looks something like this: This totals at 1740 points. With the remaining points, I was thinking either: Or Any thoughts from people that more experience playing than I do?
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