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  1. InvalidUsername

    6 Nations take aways

    This is hilarious! Thanks for the laugh man. "Oh just handicap yourself, it'll totally translate over. It's not like specific matchup knowledge is important, and it's not like you'll ever need to be able to beat a player of equal skill with a maxed out list to win a game!" Next you're gonna tell me I can improve my jump shot by only shooting with cinderblocks on my feet.
  2. InvalidUsername

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    No, only one unit has the 5+++ or 6+++. Every unit that is in proximity to the general, which will be every unit that isn't currently killing you or camping an objective will be 5+ 5++ or 5+ 6++. The -1 to hit being shooting only is correct. Typically, the unit most dangerous to your sequitors, and most likely to target them is going to be the one with all the buffs. on it. This does leave the other units vulnerable(they'll still have hag buffs and the cauldron shield and either the -1 to hit in shooting or the 5++) but you're still staring down the barrel of a unit that can guarantee a 12" move with reroll charges and absolutely CANNOT be allowed to charge your sequitors. If you get your sequitors into THEM, even their absolute most heavily buffed state will be hurtin for certain. It's all about charge priority between these two, unless you can get the hags for cheap. If you can get the hags for cheap, you still don't want them charging you but it's nowhere near as bad.
  3. InvalidUsername

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    You have an optimistic view of things, that's nice, but it makes me nervous. Being positive about things that are negative is how problems go unnoticed and unfixed. There are bad units, not everything has a place, some things are obsolete. That said, now that I actually have the book and some tournament data, I'm more interested in what's good than what's bad anyway. (Veritant's still bad) The 5+ comes from bloodshield, the +++s comes from a prayer, the 5++ comes from proximity to the general, there's nothing you can really do about the -1. Targeting down the Cauldron is the most immediate counter tactic, but they'll be expecting that, Considering Longstrikes do their mortal wounds on unmodified 6s now(I believe) and HagQueens are made of paper, picking out the hags is a possibilty, even through a -2. If you can get the hags, Witch aelves are only bravery 7 or 8 AND they lose their rerolls to wound. Also, because the +++ reroll can only be cast once per turn, anything that can make the decision of who gets it complicated will be very helpful. Against an army like Murderhost and their impossibly fast bloodletters, I'd suggest an 'end around' . Put the other battleline out front, essentially as sacrifices, and put the evocators in the sky. Most murderhosts will bumrush you first turn and crash into your line of sacrifices. If they take the bait, then you drop your big units behind them targeting out their buff characters and battleshock protections while your sequitors obliterate them on the counter charge. Dealing with their big monsters after will be a bit touch and go, but if you can shred through their bloodletter core you can essentially ignore them and just play objectives. Nurgle is all about stopping mortal wounds and applying pressure . Your sequitors will be more resilient AND more damaging than their plague bearers, which they will absolutely not expect. You're still going to lose a grind-y match against 90 plaguebearers unsupported, but it will take long enough that you should be able to deal with THEIR support and then lend an assist. Plague-drones are an issue, as are any consistent sources of non-spell mortal wounds. Spell mortal wounds can be almost entirely negated between an incantor, the Lord Arcanum, and Refractor lens. With Seraphon...who even knows with Seraphon. With all the wackadoo stuff going on with them they could be a completely different army in a few weeks. I think the proposed list (like 2 pages ago now?) could be tailored to do well in just about any meta. Sequitors make an excellent foundation to build off of. They have excellent offense and defense and a clear weakness(lack of speed) that can be planned for both in how you're going to mitigate that weakness and how to take advantage of it making your opponent more predictable as he tries(and hopefully fails) to exploit something you're already more than aware of.
  4. InvalidUsername

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    Usually they'll be at either 5+ 5++ 5+++ or 5+6++6+++ -1 to hit and they are 100% immune to morale at all times until all of their hag queens are dead., clearing off units that would be dangerous to the sequitor squad is good option, as even with their surprising amount of resilience, units like these can lose effectiveness relatively quickly and can become more manageable at smaller numbers. Having an additional, faster threat unit would help take attention off the sequitors and let them get to where they need to be going unmolested. Maybe shuffling some points around to pump up a unit of evocators to 10 and have them dive bomb something on the flanks would give them the breathing room they need to be able to really dish out the damage. A unit of sequitors that gets charge initiative is in a position to sweep the entire board with smart CP use. It's about facilitating them hitting combat when YOU want them too, rather than your opponent.
  5. InvalidUsername

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    Because before, he was the only thing in the army that could unbind, now he isn't. His only role is performed better by MULTIPLE other units in the book. I guess I should have added 'relative to the rest of the army'. The gryph hound is irrelevant. Everything can get a 9" drop. If the gryph hound charges a necromancer it's still probably going to die in combat or have to retreat out, if it even has somewhere to retreat to. Also that's a 28% chance of succeeding the charge, if you even can charge, but that's never going to happen because, like you said, screens. If the gryph hound dies, that's 120pts on a single unboosted unbind every turn. The relictors warscroll prayer is amazingly powerful, it's at least as powerful the table prayers, where the veritant has just his unboosted unbind. The extra wound and CC profile aren't very helpful, they add nothing significant to him being able to perform his actual function. If you're in a position where how well he fights CQC is important to the state of the game, there's a pretty high chance you're already on your way. He does biff all damage and dies pretty much whenever your opponent feels like it. For 20pts you get unhelpful bonuses to combat, an unhelpful gryph hound, an unbind that would be much better from an Incantor, and a prayer. He's a 120pt hail mary suicide bomb you're using to stop 1 spell...maybe.
  6. InvalidUsername

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    It IS the most incredibly offensive unit in the game, it is also a very commonly played unit. It's not impossible to play DoK several times per event and each time is likely to have 2 units of buffed witch aelves. Having a strategy ready for it is just good business. Besides, other commonly used units like bloodletters or even some of the new nighthaunt stuff can do similar things to witch aelves, and sequitors damage being focused on its grandhammers, combined with the new rules for coherency, mean that if your opponent can use their speed to get around you they can lay their offense into where your counter attack will be weakest and can force you to pull away models that would have been able to fight if you want to keep the greatmaces around. Remember, it's SUPER risky now to take a model away from the center of a unit, one bad measurement and whoop! half the unit's gone. Gavriel or Cogs are almost mandatory just to function, using a heraldor is a good solution, but it still leaves you between a rock and a hard place if you need to get somewhere where there isn't a unit to charge, like covering an objective.
  7. InvalidUsername

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    Ew, refractor lens(it's powerful but it's so stupid, all of the realm rules are stupid)...anyway, I don't think doubling down on tankiness is the correct answer. Personally I'm working on an idea around using one foot based group of 20 and one sky based group of 20 to kind of 'hammer and anvil' the enemy, though for that I prefer Celestial Vindicators as that allows me to buff the skydrop unit as it lands. If you can figure out a way to mitigate the slow speed of the sequitors you're going to have a very, very powerful list on your hands. (Oh and just for funsies, a unit of 30 bravery 8 witch aelves(they get+1 for their cauldron) with mindrazor and witchbrew will do 30 wounds to a 3+ rerollable save.)
  8. InvalidUsername

    Can i get realm artefacts and still can my faction artefacts?

    Yes, but you need to have a battalion to take a second relic.
  9. InvalidUsername

    Realm of Shadows max range restriction

    The answer is to do whatever you want. It's a narrative rule, it doesn't matter what it 'actually' is. Figure out whatever the fairest interpretation is for the game you're playing, and go with that.
  10. InvalidUsername

    Artifact Question

    Meteoric standard and lichbone standard are completely unrelated to each other. Relics are additional rules added to a model, ignore the fluffy naming conventions.
  11. InvalidUsername

    Command Ability Limitations

    1. Some command abilities have been FAQed to only work on the same unit once. All others have no limitations other than CP. Yes it is nuts. 2. Yes.
  12. InvalidUsername

    6 Nations take aways

    Communication doesn't matter if the intent is to improve. If you're both playing your competitive lists in an attempt to improve, it's going to be very similar lists every time and adding narrative nonsense just waters down any possibility either of you have at actually getting better. Handicapping yourself so that GW doesn't have to take responsibility for their shoddy game design is ridiculous.
  13. InvalidUsername

    6 Nations take aways

    So I hate the Lens. How are they supposed to make any relics around mortal wound protections ever again? Are they going to make something MORE powerful than 6" 'essentially immune to damage coming from spells'? Isn't this the EXACT SAME design problem that led to Battlebrew being changed?
  14. InvalidUsername

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    Grand Convocation is 130pts and requires 140pts of the incredibly poor lord exorcist for a mediocre bonus. He should just take the stardrake. He's already at a 72% chance with just that. How are you dealing with being hit first? With how incredibly slow sequitors are, you're almost never going to be getting charge initiative, and even with 3+ rerollable saves, most armies will still be able to shred a unit of 20 down a good amount. A unit of Witch aelves with Mindrazor, for example, will absolutely kill a unit of 20 sequitors through their reroll and castellant buff, in a single combat phase.
  15. InvalidUsername

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    No. That'd be a waste of a relic anyway, but he DOESN'T get an extra unbind with spellshield(only wizards get an extra one) and he'll probably never be at +3 to dispel. Getting a specific gryph hound that close to an enemy wizard and having it survive both the combat phase AND wizards not within 6" of the gryph hound killing it is unrealistically difficult. In fact, the Veritant is actually worse than he was for the most part. The Incantor is a better spell stopper while also being a strong caster, the army isn't hurting for unbinds anymore, the Relictor is still better at being a priest. He, along with the Lord Exorcist, seem totally lost in this book.