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  1. The closest thing to Ynnari in AoS would be Legion of the First Prince where it takes units from other armies but the allegiance itself is independent of any armies battletomes

    i guessing why people paralleling that excerpt of Kurnothi to Ynnari is because lore wise they both deal with a dormant Aelf/Eldar god who foretold to be awaken/reborn back into the setting

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  2. They should probably make an announcement 

    Though GW are usually slow on announcement but it also not something they would say on a Monday when the product was officially release last Saturday and the if they where unaware of the Mold problem to begin with and the problem only recently surface.

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  3. Khorne did get skulltaker and the Blood master later on after wraith and rapture, which couple with Karnak and the flesh hounds was a significant release compare to what most other armies got in 2.0 

    but then again looking at 40K while piety and pain did lead up to a sister release both Hexfire and shadow throne is more in line with the standard only one hero model per army book releases, so it a toss up in the end of if these boxset  are leading to something more after release.

  4. I mean Gitz did get three WD updates early this year but they all got render useless because battalions where remove 

    which makes me they do these WD are for funsy and are not meant as a stop gate for struggling armies so don’t think it means anything.

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  5. 8 hours ago, KingBrodd said:

    The new Orc models do look awesome though.

    Speaking of LOTR one thing I love about that system is the scaling of Dwarves. They look perfect standing next to humans yet in AOS Duardin are nearly at Stormcast height, which are supposed to be 8 foot Demi Gods. 

    Looking at the kharadron dwarf they are at least half the size of a Stormcast model so it about right in term of scales


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  6. If I remember correctly the SoB and Seraphon WD where still largely still focus on Ghur while only the recent CoS one had Ulgu 

    I am assuming that they exploring both realm like they did last edition with Shyish and Hysh last edition but it still be mostly Ghur/beast focus for much of the edition.

    I be surprise if we switch realm next GHB because I doubt half of the armies will get their new book to play with the current rule set by then.

    Edit: also it probably won’t happen until Harrowdeep season two is over anyway

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  7. 1 minute ago, Ganigumo said:

    its gonna be a long month until they drop that update

    I mean there been rumors/leaks of what the balance patch contains so it probably to be within the next week or two.

    kragnos getting a ward and Mightier makes rightier

    Foxes loosing their movement ability in the other shooting phase 

    and pinks going up

  8. 16 minutes ago, The Red King said:

    I think I could be satisfied with just a real good winter FAQ as well. 


    As for rumors the fyreslayers V idoneth thing is basically confirmed right? So does that mean we're expecting them to get book updates shortly after (for the new characters they'll each get) and if so is the release window for books (order-destruction-chaos-order-order)? I know death just got gravelords technically but that still feels bad for the nighthaunt.

    Well considering that there is a lot more order armies in AoS they are bound to appear more frequently in the release schedule then the other GA. Probably why this boxset is Order vs Order so they can get some of them out now.

    I do think there a death release comming soonish just judging that a good amount of rumor engines that look undead

  9. 11 minutes ago, Ganigumo said:

    Are there any rumors as to when the balance update is coming? I know GW said december but now that december is here I find myself checking the community site every hour 😂

    December just started lol

    i am guessing it’s going to happen before the holiday start 

  10. 57 minutes ago, madmac said:

    Will they though? I'm not trying to be cynical here, but I don't remember any 40k announcements or previews for Christmas Day when they announced Aether War, or Gloomspite Gits.

    This Advent seems to be clearly leading up to an announcement of some kind of Eldar Box, maybe an Eldar vs X faction box, I don't really see them squeezing in a random AoS teaser at the same time.

    I remember that they reveal Lazarus for the dark angel and a new PA book at the same time as Aether Wars. 

    for Gitz they had reveal Harkon Worldender and the new Primaris Matheus Calgar prior to the gitz reveal

    last year it was revealing the remaining hedonites units and The new hexspear model for dark eldar

    source, I went and search Warcom history

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  11. 4 hours ago, Fuchur said:

    According to the latest rumours OBR should be the next AoS release, right? So my fingers are crossed for a Bonedragon Romour Engine within the next few weeks.

    I think that part of the rumors is false ( along with probably most of it beside the next boxset) since it look increasingly likely that the January release is Eldar now.

    I am even guessing the next AoS release is just the Fyreslayer vs Deepkin box and that April was a lie.

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    29 minutes ago, Indecisive said:

    40k is skipping right along from long awaited Ork update and fan-loved BTs update straight to an also very long awaited Eldar update and Chaos wave. Some traction is an understatement, firing on all cylinders if you ask me. World Eaters and Squats sometime in the future.
    Part of what makes the AoS currently look anemic is that 40k is firing on all cylinders.

    I mean there was a lot of AoS release at the first 7 month, one could have said that 40K was anemic at that time too without that Ork release it would have look dead.

    it may have been that Nurgle was the only release for the last two quarter because AoS had so much already

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  13. 5 minutes ago, boyadventurer said:

    Per the whole Era of the Beast, what a wasted opportunity to do a little splash release of Ghur endless spells (like the Shyish ones in Forbidden Power). Could have had an awesome piece for Amber Spear or Flock of Doom. Allor won me everything in Shadow of the Horned Rat with those spells!

    It quite possible that they just gave up on endless spell as a concept ( or problem with China manufacturing them) 

    not giving them to Warclans and unlikely as of now to have them for Nurgle after their second book seems to suggest this

  14. 42 minutes ago, Feii said:

    there are so many eldar rumours. My tinfoil hat theory is that GW has at least 3D designed/sculpted and prototyped the whole range overhaul but we will get one part now and the rest of it later kinda like the LRL release schedule.  

    True it from a leaked playtester copy for the Eldar codex and subject to change by GW before the final print but at least this one has a related rumor engine that makes it more likely

    Edit: it also from the guy who basically been 100% right on every leak he been posting

  15. 11 minutes ago, Clan's Cynic said:

    According to the Leaker King we're supposed to see a very sizeable Chaos Space Marine wave before Eldar though, which is why I doubt - even if the revamp is huge - that it's going to be an exclusively Eldar calendar.  

    Apparently the leaker king is also the one giving the rumor stuff to the Eldar discord as well so shrug 

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