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  1. 1 hour ago, Aeryenn said:

    Cheating who? GW? I can't recall any warnings on the box that people are not allowed to make any physical modifications to the miniatures they bought. If magnetizing is cheating, so is kitbashing or any kind of conversion including bases made from other products than those sold by GW.

    So far I didn't have to magnetise anything but never thought it was unfair to anyone. If at all, I'd rather think GW is cheating us forcing to buy several copies of the same product to have more options.



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  2. 19 minutes ago, alghero81 said:

    So basically you need the three battlelines on the field at the start of the match? That basically makes useless few abilities for certain units...

    Edited: right reading better it’s basically only for summoning but not for reserves, so it’s not that game changer...

    If you need a battleline or a leader to capture objectives it is a big difference.

  3. 51 minutes ago, Barkanaut said:

    Used to like AoS but it definitely feels like there are too many old characters coming back from the old world and factions. It feels less and less like Age of Sigmar with each passing year and more and more like Warhammer 9th edition from a lore stand point. 

    I don't know why they even created it at this point as its not the game I fell in love with. 


    22 minutes ago, Ninelives said:

    Oh wow, I've never seen anyone say that? 
    Who do you have in mind? Apart from Gotrek all the others always have been in Age of Sigmar lore haven't they? 

    I struggle to share your point of view. I wouldn't have imagined Kharadron, Idoneth, Lumineth in the World-That-Was setting at all...

    I really understand what Barkanaut wants to say. For people who don't know WHFB (It took some time to understand this does not mean Warhammer facebook) it is just annoying to see lore inconsistencies, like a super power dwarf from a world that was, just to please fans of an older game system.



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  4. Mini battle report, because it was such a nice trap:
    Sent in  the storm eidolon to capture the centre objective.
    Two bloodthirster with the "we all fight first" shenanigans chargeing the eidolon.
    Eidolon releases cloud of midnight, so no melee. Sorry demons.
    Time for eels to charge the bloodthirsters



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  5. 9 minutes ago, NJohansson said:

    Really surprised (not judging) that so many people find going first being an advantage. Sure there are some Alpha strike armies that can pull it off but most armies benefit going second. You get the possibility of double turn (not just taking it but dictating if the opponent get the chance or not), better chance of getting range on spells, charges etc. and you also get the possibility that your opponent do not get full efficiency out of their army (turn one) due to not having range etc. I generally see a need for scenarios to increase benefits for going first - not for going second.

    But thats only true for the first battleround!

  6. 6 minutes ago, HollowHills said:

    Personally I only ever use morrsarr. If I'm stuck in combat with something that isn't dead or about to die then I've already lost. Morsarr should be able to blow most units off the table in a single combat. 

    But what if you have more the one unit in combat? First you activate your 6 Morsarr and kill the Zombie Dragon (hopefully :) ). But then it is his turn to attack your second unit.
    So I only want one unit of Morsarr in Combat, maybe one in reserve, all others Ishlaen.

  7. I would not care so much about power creep if it would not mess up the fluff. Aren´t Stormcast Eternals meant to have super power and wreck a skeleton with ease?

    Liberator Warblades: 2 Attacks 3+/4+ no rent, 1 damage
    Mortek Guard Sword: 2 Attacks 3+/4+ rent -1, 1 damage


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  8. Please no point adjustments!! But this: 🙃
    Allopex Bite --> 3 Mortals on a 6 to hit
    Eidolon --> ethereal
    Reavers --> -1 rent on the bows
    Leviadon the drum does -1 to hit rolls for everybody who is no IDK in 12"
    Thralls: 2" range

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  9. 7 hours ago, Kitsumy said:

    Hmmm new realm rules on general book are locking ****** great for my idoneths!


    Metal one has a spell to give +1 save, can we stack it to turtle and mystic shield in order to have a 2+ invul rerolleable armor on shield eels???

    Are the rules already leaked? 🤔

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