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  1. The Cathallar is from Raging Heroes. Not sure if I keep her. She is a little too sexy I think 😅
  2. Painted the first 750p, ready to add the wind temple to my force
  3. Thanks a lot! There are several colors suggested in the Battletome, but I mostly followed Duncan's tutorial.
  4. I would put the Cloud of Midnight on a frontline hero like the king or the storm eidolon as it can protect you from a whole shooting phase there.
  5. For the Alarith temple we have the Stonemage, the Stoneguard and the dual kit battle cow. Do you think we will also have three units for the wind temple? So far we have the cloud mage and the Camel Cav unit. Maybe a phoenix or a ballista would fit the desert/wind theme imo. Cant wait to find out more about the 2nd wave
  6. I pledge to paint one Shark and ten Lumineth archers
  7. Raging Heroes has Stingray riding girls, if that is your thing.
  8. With the last pic you crossed the line!! 😂
  9. Wow, nice! First time I see this unit. Probably discontinued?
  10. Now I want an Army of Kurnothi, painted like the Picts in King Arthur,
  11. Thinking about this cultural differences... What huge differences must exist in the mortal realms? Do they even have a Christmas tree in Ulgu? And in Ghyran its trees that decorate a human two days before S-Mas (S-Mas is what the cool kids call the Birthday of Sigmar).
  12. Ah sorry, thats just because of my painting skill. Never get the pupils right...
  13. Points in the Warscoll Builder are updated now!
  14. I have a crush on the High Sentinel of the Lumineth. Cant wait to get some brush strokes on her. 🤣
  15. Its only activated in one phase e.g. if you activate in shooting your model cant shoot and cant be shooted at. Other phases like charge-phase are not effected.
  16. In theory I like the idea, but buying and painting two turtles - nö Thanks
  17. Yea, waiting for the "Angry wife sells her husbands 10.000p of Warhammer Stuff for 10 bucks" ad
  18. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/11/03/warcry-catacombs-lore-focus/ Morathi collecting Varanite - DoK will become a chaos faction
  19. The mature man does not follow fashion trends. He sets his own standards 😉 Like the experienced player who always beats me with LoN, completely ignoring they are bottom tier. 😑
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