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Keggers TwoButts, Gargant Master Brewer

The Wah

With the Aleguzzler Gargants once again walking with the Gloomspite Gitz, somebody needs to make the ale to guzzle. Keggers TwoButts, self-styled Gargant Master-Brewer, keeps the other gargants liquored up for the fight with rivers of Ale from his portable still. When asked where he got it, Keggers tells the story of rescuing the famed dwarf brewer-Master Jakkob Bugmansson from his crashed Sky-Frigate. The dwarf was so moved he gifted one of his stills to Keggers. When Bugmanson was asked about this he said his vessel was knocked out of the sky by a flung Boulder and an unknown Gargant kicked open the side of the crashed frigate and scarpered with everything in the hold. Whatever the truth, it can't be denied Keggers TwoButts makes a powerful and surprisingly tasty Ale.


Greg Wah

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Aleguzzler Gargants

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