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Help with gutbuster tourney list 2500pt


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Hi all I was after some imput with my gutbuster tourney list. I played tourneys in 8th but haven't really dabbled with them in AOS. 

So here is my list so far. Also I have like 10k of ogres so suggest anything


2xButcher with cauldren

tyrant with gut gouger and battle brew 

tyrant with club

4 units of 6 ogres/bulls duel wield

9 ironguts

works out to 2500pts

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Hey, interest list to start out with.

A few things i would recommend looking at are:

Maneaters - at 2.5k you can certainly look at a unit, they have some cool unit rules/options, might help change the list up a bit tactically but also game play for yourself.

Tyrants - Brilliant models, really tough and can kill a lot with either weapon options, just select appropriate targets where possible.

Gorgers - Consider them. For coming on behind and giving your opponent something to think about. Also do give out some decent damage.

Formation - Gutbuster Wartribe - If you swap one unit of Ogors to Leadbelchers you can take this. Worth taking as you most of the other units, its good and gives you another artifact :)

Ogors - Might be worth a unit of 9 and as a focal point and then a few units of 3 over all units of 6. the 9 is a solid home objective holder, damage output and unit to buff then (a number of roles as you can see) and then the units of 3 are smaller and more able to jump in terrain, move about and grab objectives.

Just some ideas and opinions, hope some of it might help.

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