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Kurnoth Hunter Tanglethorn Thicket



Kurnoth Hunters have an ability called Tanglethorn Thicket. It allows them to re roll failed armour saves. The main rules state that modifiers are only applied after the re roll.

So is it it correct that the Sylvaneth player would only be able to re roll dice rolls of 1, 2 & 3 and then have modifiers for rend and mystic shield/terrain take effect on the re rolled dice?

Therefore a 4 would be a fail on an unre rolled dice if the attack has rend -1. Can't re roll it because it is not initially a fail, but the -1 rend makes it a fail. So would they they get to re roll it? Which would be after the modifier is applied.

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Roll saves.  Apply no modifiers.  If the save failed then re-roll.

If the save succeeded (before the reroll) then you add modifiers (positive and negative).  If this causes the save to fail then you do not get the re-roll because modifiers have already been applied.


Key points to remember is that modifiers happen AFTER re-rolls and that you can only ever re-roll a die once.

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Yup - this is a quirk of the rules.

It also applies to reroll hits of 6 or more (which simply doesn't work as a result - you only reroll the natural sixes), e.g. the Lantern of the Tempest and the Divine Light Prayer of the Stormcast Battletome.

I flagged the point in my FAQs for London's Calling 2017:


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