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New to FEC - how should I build my army?


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Hello everyone! While working on my soulblight I managed to come across a bunch of FEC models mostly unassembled for cheap! My question is how to you all think I should build my 2000 point list... Here is a list of what I have coming:


Ghoul King on foot



20x Ghouls



Zombie Dragon/Terrorgeist kit

9x Crypt Horror/Flayers

20x Ghouls


My initial thoughts are to put the ghoul king on foot atop the terrorgeist, and create 9 crypt horrors so it looks something like this:

Ghoul King on Zombie Dragon

Ghoul King on Terrorgeist

Vargulf Courtier

20x Ghouls

20x Ghouls

9x Crypt Horrors (or 6 and 3 split for ghoul king's command ability)

TOTAL: 1780


Is this generally the best way to play FEC? I heard 9 crypt horrors is awesome, but is that better than a split of horros and flayers? Keep in mind I'll be playing smaller games with these models too.


Thanks for any advice in advance!

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Hey seanafly,

I play flesh eater courts competitively and just with friends and I can tell you that the basis of the army is regeneration of models thanks to the courtiers. You should look their rules up or even better, take a look at their battletome for bataillons but basically they let you get killed models back.

Furthermore, I think that 2 big monsters in a list is quite expensive so I only run one despite having both options. And also, I prefer to run the footslogging crypt ghouls and horrors over the flayers but thats a personal choice.

Hope I could help, ?

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great choice for an army :) in the end it depends on what you like the most, but I can give you some tips for modelling your army so you can try out several lists with minimum money


with a effort, bit handicraft work skills, a few magnets, a hand drill and some stable wire you can easily build a customisable army.

attach the ghoul king on a small base, glue a magnet under the base and a magnet under the base of the terrorgheist/zombiedragon and you can attach and remove however you want to play him. the king does not need to ride the Dragon ;)

with some more skills and work you can try what I did for my fec army:

since the models for the horrors and flayers are almost identical except of the arms/wings (if you don't mind them having the same heads and bodies) then you can easily build up your models without arms. use magnets and/or wire to assemble them the way you want them for the current game. the only hard thing is to drill the holes in the bodys and arms to match each other (but only if you use more than one wire). as a comical effect you can remove these arms from "wounded" models.

Furthermore, I made the wings of my terrorgheist removable for easy transport.


I can post some detailed pics later if you want.

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Oh wow that wing idea for my geist and dragon would have been amazing but! Still have the dragon to make so will try that! Thanks!


I got another box of horror/flayers so at the moment I'm going to go with 3 courtiers (one of each, not sure what to do with the 3rd), 6 horrors and 3 flayers. As well as a zombie dragon and terrorgeist with ghoul kings atop. 

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