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Knight-Venator and Lord Relictor


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Hi all,

New to the forum (obviously), but I had stumbled upon a question I could not find answered elsewhere, so I wanted to get an idea of what others thought.

If I use the bless weapons prayer on Venator, then fire the Star Fated Arrow, if I roll a 6 on the hit, do I fire a second star fated arrow? If so, this opens up a great new potential strategy with the luckstone.

Thanks for any input.


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4 hours ago, Apocalypse said:

Any idea as to the reason why? I saw the thread about SFA and fury brand, and I agree as to why that doesn't work, but the bless weapons prayer rules don't seem to apply there.

The SFA is a once in a game ability, so even with blessed weapons it's a once off.
Best out come is it generates another normal attack with the bow and bird.

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