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Tropes of AoS


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Failing all your 5+ Death Ward Saves for the first two turns when it matters...Then making all of them when you only have one unit left. 

Having too much fun then you accidentally kill off your regeneration banner model first.

Mystical Terrain means you always take a nap.

Getting all 1's and 2's for Destiny Dice but forgetting to use them on Battleshock.

Your big Inspiring-Presence'd unit fails its charge, meanwhile your other blobs are half dead and the rest ran away.

Gift of the Heavens meteor falling into your opponent's castle, while yours fell in his cavalry flank.

When you come back to the table and all the terrain has been moved to there's space for Sylvaneth Wyldwoods.

Your opponent's only successful unbind is when you cast a spell with an 11.


And the biggest one of all:

Forgetting your triumph/underdog bonuses.


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