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Lord of Change Attack Profile



Hey guys, so this may be a simple question but I'm hearing it played different ways and would like the opinion of a wider range of players. It is about the lord of change's attacks. first I'll give the description


A lord of change is a single model. It carries a staff of tzeentch and either a baleful sword or rod of sorcery. Alternatively it can carry a staff of tzeentch and tear at its foes with its curved beak and wicked talons.

So initially i thought you had to choose between the sword rod and talons. However in the app it only gives options for the rod and sword (i know the app is still being tweaked so it could be a typo). Also local guys have argued that you always get the beak and talons, since most monsters get similar attacks along with attacks like the sword or rod. I have been playing it as you have to choose between the 3 since I would rather be a disadvantage then cheat my opponent by using too many attacks. Anyway just curious how everyone else reads this and plays it. Thanks!

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41 minutes ago, Tokyo Nift said:

You always get the beak and talons, and then you choose between the staff + sword, staff + shootingrod, or (for RP reasons) only the staff. :)

That's not what the description says.  It's saying that the Lord of Change carries the Staff and (Rod or Sword), or it just has the staff and can attack with it's curved beak and claws.

Basically, you only get the Beak and Claws attacks if you don't have a sword or rod.

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