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Berserk Conversion - The Band of the Hawk


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As a long time lover of Berserk, I've always thought it would be fun to make a converted army of Order Humans based on Berzerks The Band of the Hawk from the Golden Age Arc. With all the main unit commanders (maybe even a Gaston!) represented as Heroes.


But, I've no non-chaos humans in my collection so it's a bit of a pipe dream for me to do it. I was wondering, has anyone else decided to do this or know of anyone else that has taken up the project?


If you were to do it, what models and bits would you use? Also, what type of diorama would you do? Zodd's fight with Guts and Griffith with Casca and a gunline? The Eclipse? The Battle for Doldrey with Guts and Boscogn? So many choices.

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