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Q on SCE Priest Prayers



Hi all. New to the forum. I was hoping you'd all be able to answer a question before I commit to assembling and painting a 1k list I've thought of.


The basic gist is this. Can a SCE priest (Lord-Relictor for sake of argument) use more than one prayer in a hero phase?


A few caveats. Im aware that the Lord-Relictor's healing storm and lightning storm are mutually exclusive. But in the new battletome on the prayers page it states the following under Hints & Tips

Some PRIESTShave more than one ability on their warscroll which lets them pray for a particular effect, and some terrain features grant them extra prayers. These abilities might be mutually exclusive, so that your PRIESTcan only use one of these abilities in each of their turns. Prayers of the Stormhosts are not limited in this way – you can always use your PRIEST’s extra prayer in addition to any others that they know.Some PRIESTShave more than one ability on their warscroll which lets them pray for a particular effect, and some terrain features grant them extra prayers. These abilities might be mutually exclusive, soY that your PRIESTcan only use one of these abilities in each of their turns. Prayers of the Stormhosts are not limited in this way – you can always use your PRIEST’s extra prayer in addition to any others that they know.

So, could I use something like Lightning Chariot and then healing storm or lightning storm as long as I satisfy the limitations set by lightning chariot (9" from enemy) ?

thanks in advance


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