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The escape


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Hey foks


I dont know about you, but picking up warhammer (in this case fantasy - aos rather) something like a year ago was then, and has since been a sort of an escape for me. A way to escape to a fantastical world filled with mystery and wonders. It was when i was young too now that i think about it, an escape i mean. I always loved how the warhammer world is completely unnatural and goofy, yet has it roots in things that are so real and crucial to us people: religion, gods, cultures etc. To me, going to the old world is like going somewhere safe. A place where i know how things are, and many lines are drawn very clearly. I know if something is simply "good" or "evil", and also why. 

When life hits you hard i for one really appreciate this magnificant world that GW has created for me to ingulf!

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