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Wizard shots

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So, I played a casual game against a mate of mine today. And he used his wizard (Chaos Sorcerer Lord) to cast a spell on a model that isn't visible to it.
As the rules don't state that you have to have line of sight to cast magic, I let it happen. He also used the Chaos Sorcerer Lord's ability (re-rolling save rolls of 1) on the same unit.
Just wondering if that can really be done? If a spell, ability or attack requires you to pick a unit/model within a range (So not an area of effect abililty), should it have to be visible to the unit/model that's casting the spell/using the ability/making the attack?

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It specifies in the spell whether you require line of sight.  Arcane Bolt for example reads, 'Which is visible to the caster'.  If a spell doesn't say that, it doesn't require it.

Oracular Visions doesn't mention line of sight, therefore you don't need to see the target.

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