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I played this list over the weekend to great success.

Allegiance: Order

Celestant-Prime (360)
Lord Relictor (80)
- Artefact: Spellshield 
- Prayer: Bless Weapons
Lord Celestant (100)
- General
- Trait: Staunch Defender - Stormcast Eternals
- Artefact: Obsidian Amulet 

15 x Judicators (480)
- Skybolt Bows
- Stormcast Eternals Battleline
15 x Liberators (300)
- Warhammers
5 x Liberators (100)
- Warhammers

3 x Prosecutors with Stormcall Javelins (80)
3 x Prosecutors with Stormcall Javelins (80)
3 x Prosecutors with Stormcall Javelins (80)
3 x Prosecutors with Stormcall Javelins (80)

Vanguard Wing (100)
Tempest Lords Harbinger Chamber (140)

Total: 1980/2000

I won the roll off let my friend go first with his Disciples of Tzeentch army.  Not much going on his first turn a couple spells, mostly moves.  My turn I have the Judicators within 3 inches of Damned and Mystical Terrain.  Roll a 1.... befuddled.  Shake that off.  Juds cant do anything so I throw Blessed weapons on my Liberators and its successful.  I left a unit of prosecutors off the board so I could lightning strike them in.  He had his Lord of changes behind his line pretty safe but, enough room to teleport in my Prosecutors.  They make their roll set up 9" away from LoC.  Teleport my Libs over and I'm able to surround the LoC.  Make the 3 inch charge.  With Lay low the tyrants giving a +1 to hit, the Vanguard Wing doing an extra wound roll on a 6+ or more to hit and blessed weapons giving an extra attack on a 6+ or more, the LoC goes down in one round of combat.  Win the dice roll for turn and take it.  Judicators make their mystical.  Cast blessed weapons it goes off.  I sacrifice using the damned terrain, take a mortal wound.  Use the healing pray to get the wound back.  Judicators getting all those bonuses the Libs got last turn take a unit of enlightened off the board.  The unit of Prosecutors moves down the line and the libs are able to teleport conga line multi charge two heros and a unit of acolytes.  Kill a magister, get a shaman down to a couple wounds,  and do some damage to the acolytes.  On his turn, now that stuff is in cast range he starts doing some work with his spells.  I don't remember all of it but, by the end the 15 man liberators are all but wiped out between shooting magic and battle shock.  Turn 3, Prime comes in takes out another hero, juds take out another unit.  He calls it there.  There was other things going on during that battle.  With the other prosecutors "doing hit and run" attacks with some of his other units.  I think another note with the Tempest Lords ability is fact I rolled a 7 for the charge and not have to waste a dice change on it.  Overall I had a a lot of fun playing this army.  There are many sneaking things you can do and I think there will be many players who underestimate the libs in juds.  I think the celestant should go and bring in a castellant.  Gryph hounds could be useful against the alpha strike which I feel I'm susceptible too.  I think a second Relictor would be good also.  There is nothing I really want to take out, though lol.  There are two routes I would go.  Celestant for a Relictor and a Gryphound.  Or take the Prime out and rework those points.

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