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Let's talk gryphon skin.


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Gryph-chargers, Gryph-puppers, we've got so many gryphons to paint! And yet, not every gryphon looks the same. What is your favorite formula for gryphon skin? Let's make a thread with a bunch of ideas so that gryphon fans can make their pupper packs look varied and their chargers look mean!

Also, I have no idea where to start with my own gryphs and could use the help.


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I have been wondering the exact same thing, I know I will have to paint several of these but not certain how. 

As I tend towards more realistic looking paint styles I was going to base the cat part on real cats. I.e. do some as black panthers, normal panthers, lions and tigers. Then paint the feathers to match the cat part with the schemes based on various birds of prey. 

I suppose it might make it a little bit dull...

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For my hounds I'm leaning towards snow leapord bodies and raven colored heads.

This will match well to my SE color scheme.

My gryph chargers will be based on a bone vulture scheme. Beautiful birds they are!

All these animals have slightly different coloration so that'll give me plenty of room for variation.

And not really part of this discussion but my Dracoth are going an albino python scheme.






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