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A Dragons Tail

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So, in their final outing, the 4 Dragon Riders (and their Griffon riding friend) were tasked with securing a long lost compass. Unfortunately, half of it sat within the camp of a Mighty Lord of Khorne and his entourage.

With little fanfare, the Bloodbound horde advanced before the ancient heroes could act, but, with their Soul Grinder holding back to help two Khorgaroths guard their half of the compass, any shooting they had was out of range. 

Prince Imrik charged first, towards a duet of Daemon Princes, although only one was left to fight after the other was doused in dragon fire. Griffon and General held back, whilst Mage and Hero pushed forward towards the enemy left. Imrik, resplendent in full battle dress, smugly saw off the remaining Daemon.

Battleround 2 saw the Chaos horde advance again, with hounds, infantry, and winged hero all piling in to attack - ignoring their objective guarded by Griffon and friend. Imrik reeled back from an onslaught of unholy vigour, wounded by fell blades. On the left, the Mage also suffered from the charging winged beast, and, with little defence, barely survived the combat. But his Dragon, enraged by his rider's wounds, soundly saw off the Khorne Lord. Without their general, the Bloodbound looked shaken, and when the Aelfs hit back, no hounds were left on the battlefield, the winged Daemon was vanquished, and the armoured infantry sorely weakened.

With the advance blunted and general dead, the Bloodbound looked desperate. Soul Grinder charged, Blood Reavers followed, and Khorgaroths? They were too busy fending off damage from the pulsing compass piece they had be charged to defend. Finally a Dragon fell - the Mage crushed under the great beast as it fell. Fighting was paused as the age old 'Egg Passing' ritual was enacted. It was time for the Aelf general to act. A horde of Bloodreavers were easy pickings, the gap their absence left now a safe passage for Imrik to exploit and move closer to the compass shard. Victory was within their grasp! 

Dragon fought Soul Grinder. The chaotic amalgam of flesh and machine bested the proud beast. Within its claw, it was poised to squeeze the life from the dragon, not once, but twice. But the Aelf Rider was adept. At the final moment he steered his charge, deftly avoided the death blow, not once, but twice. With skill honed from eons of battle training, the rider fought with lance ablaze, and the creature fell.

Bloodbound defeated. Only one egg lost. And the compass recovered. This was a good day.




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