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Path to Glory 2017

Tronhammer NZ

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Path to Glory campaigns centre around collecting and fighting battles with a warband in the Age of Sigmar. Champions fight each other and gather followers to join them in their quest for glory, taking advantage of this age of unending battle to win glory and renown.

Starting on January 21st, and continuing every third Saturday of the month (or whenever you can get a game in!) Gaming DNA in Hamilton will host this continuing Path to Glory Campaign.



Come join us if you want to:

  • try different narrative scenarios
  • learn the game
  • try out a new army
  • get some painting motivation
  • win some cool prizes
  • enjoy developing an unfolding story background for your models


Armies start small, so you only need a few models to start with. As the campaign progresses you can choose to either grow your warband, or make existing units more powerful. If you do not have an army, you can borrow from us to start off.

Having the General's Handbook and/or the most recent Battletome for your army is useful, but not compulsory, as you will be provided with all the relevant information.

We will use the Path to Glory rules from the General's Handbook. If your army or allegiance is not on the list of those available, let me know and we will put the required lists together based on last year's campaign.

Terrain will be provided, but feel free to bring your own.



I will post results, story and battleplan information to this thread, so come back regularly for the latest!




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