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Hi, I'm Liam, another Chief

Liam Cook

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Hello all.

My name's Liam and I play from Cheltenham, UK. I'm a, unsurprisingly, Cheltenham Warchief and have been for about 2 years.

Pretty new to tabletop gaming by the communities standards, played when I was younger and got back into 40k about 4 years ago, realising it wasn't for me the Warchiefs taught me about 8th Edition - then about tournaments and the social side of events. Then the world died. And I have loved Age of Sigmar since day 1 (day -1 if you count begging for the box a day early!)

I'm pretty much consumed with Age of Sigmar these days, and try and help with some of the things the club gets up to - as well as welcome new guys into the fold. I'll probably be found at a few more tournaments this year in the mass of purple and gold!



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