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Just some stuff which I need to rebase


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16 hours ago, Primarch said:

Really nice work! I like your reds alot, how do you do it? :)

The secret for my reds lies in black and white from Maimeri Polycolor paint range. Those two paints are just awesome I highly recommend those.


My recipe for "Red" reds is:

1. black mixed with Khorne Red

2. Khorne Red

3. Khorne Red mixed with Evil Sunz Scarlet

4. Evil Sunz Scarlet


"Pinky" Reds are

First two steps as above

3. Khorne Red mixed with White


When working with Khorne Red water it down as it clogs down really quickly (beauty of Base paints)

</rant start>

Hope Evil Sunz Scarlet is equivalent of old Blood Red. This change of paints names is a freaking disaster, totally not a fan. Goblin green was green, Red was Blood Red, Blue was Enchanted Blue for 20 odd years, who had a problem with that...

</rant over>

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