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Draft of a Ironjaw & Friends list

Aaron Schmidt

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Here is an idea I've been working on for my Orruk army. Its built around a core of a Ironfist, as well as some grot & orruk support to add some different elements to the list.

- megaboss

- warchanter

- 10 brutes

- 5 brutes

- 10 ardboys

- *ironfist*

- 5 wolfriders

- 5 wolfriders

- 5 wolfriders

- wolf riding shamen (or grot boss)

- boar chariot

- boar chariot

- spear chucker

Not sure what the points are for all this, I'm more focusing on the general theme. If I were to run this as a matched play list I'd have to add some battle line units which would likely be orruks and some ogres.

The Iron fist and the other ironjaws would be a phalanx of trouble while the wolves would be trouble-makers and chaff. Chariots and the spear chukka can provide threats from different angles.

What are your impressions of this draft?

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