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First Club Meet - 20th October


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The very first club night for the Newcastle Warlords will be held on October 20th at 7pm!

Please organise your games on the Facebook group which can be found here. 

We will be meeting at St Mary the Virgin Church, Fawdon. There is a car park to the side of the church and additional parking along the street.

The address is;

St Mary the Virgin Church
Mapledene Rd
Newcastle upon Tyne 



How much does it cost?

Fees will be £4 a person per night and will be collected on the night in cash, this will cover the hall hire and will also include complimentary tea, coffee and squash for the night.

Please feel free to bring your own food and drink (including alcoholic) but you must tidy up after yourselves and leave the hall in the same standard of cleanliness as we start the night.

Is there a membership fee?

At the current time there will be no membership fee to pay. However as we grow and develop the club we will re-evaluate this matter.

Do I Need To Bring Anything?

Yourselves! And your armies!

Apart from that if you have any scenery you wish to use for the night that would be greatly appreciated, we do have a limited amount to start with but will require some members to bring terrain to fill each board. Hopefully as time progresses we can build up our own stash of terrain.

Hope to see you all there!

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35 minutes ago, Painted by G said:

Super excited about this! 

I'll be there,  can always bring a mat and scenery too. 

Plenty of us at Hobgoblin Club will be making this a regular night so that's a good start! Hopefully it'll grow into THE club of the North! 

We've been starved of a decent club. This could great. 60 people in the Facebook group aready suggests there's a call for it. Should be fantastic! 

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