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HobbyHammer Campaign Nights


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In the run up to the Realm Hoppers campaign in February and beyond! I will be running a monthly campaign night, this will be an immersive growing campaign, playing various battle plans, game sizes and types of campaigns. At the moment I am running the Realm Hoppers campaign and would love to see some new and old faces down the club.

Anyone is welcome down our way! Just let me know below if you are interested in coming and ill set you up with a game and some narrative to go along with it.

We are based down in Ramsgate, Kent which is around 1 hour from London.

The club night will usually be a Tuesday night, maybe a Friday night if people prefer. The first one that will be open to everyone will be on the 1st November (or 4th if people prefer a Friday). 

This will be a regular thing, so check back for dates, or pre book a slot for a few months time if you wish! 

Let me know!

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