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Troggoth Start - Returning player looking for a launch point.


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Been out of wargaming for a few years and dipping my toes back into the hobby in general.  Not thrilled with the current state of 40k, so I'm looking at AoS, specifically Troggs.  I'm mostly focused on the painting aspect right now with a Aqshy/Fire themed idea for the models, but feel it would be a shame if I didn't at least try the game.  I have NO idea how to play 3.0 with no memory of even playing 1st.  

Here is simply what I'm thinking to start off with just to learn the game.  Pretty straightforward, keeping it simple with only 2 Warscrolls to manage and not worry about synergies/combos, etc.  One of the player at the FLGS even commenting that it's a good place to start, but not sure anyone would play me.  Not sure if that was good/bad?

3 x Dankhold Troggboss
24 x Rockgut Troggoths (4x6)

I've got plenty of models that I've picked up over time just sitting in boxes, and I'm aware that I've got more than a complete force.  I'm currently working on assembling the Rockguts, then I was going to do the bosses to have a base list.  There won't be much to assemble after that, but here is a list of everything I have.  I simply have no direction beyond the 'rule of cool' so any advice would be appreciated, keep in mind I haven't played AoS since 1st, and I haven't played ANY tabletop system in 3-4 years.  I've read the Troggoth Thread for ideas, and I'm still waiting on the book.

Trugg (Assembled)
2 x Dankhold Troggs
24 x Rockguts
6 x Fellwater
2 x Moonclan Shaman (Madcaps?)
1 x Loonshrine
Mollug's Mob
FW River Hag
1 x Marshcrawla
2 x Mancrusher Garg's

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