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Da Hoarfrost Raidaz


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So we are starting up a growth league here which will culminate at around 1500 pts. I'm looking for some C&C on the list I am planning. 

Grimjaw Bluddrinka  (Boss)

Da Crazy Wun (wierd nob)

Old Wun eye (warchanter)

Da Boss' Boyz:

1 x 10 Brutes

Da regulaz

2 x 10 Ard Boyz 

Da Youfs 

1 x 20 Orruks Boyz with bows

1 x 10 Orruks Boyz with bows 

Battalion: Iron Fist


Essentially the main force walk up and beats face while the Youfs run around capturing objectives/ providing some ranged support and helping the nob make Gork's mighty foot stomp the enemies on a 6+.  They also ensure that when Gork gets a little extra hungry they can satisfy him rather than the expensive armor fellas. 

I know that with the Ironjawz the nob seems unpopular but eventually this will be a full destruction army (I have Icewind Assault already) so the orruks take care of battle line and I like the nob model so I want to get one and use it. Your help oh wise ones is greatly appreciated. 

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2 hours ago, Dez said:

I think the list looks good. How many battleline are you taking at 1500? Just curious, that points limit isn't in the GHB :)

I have 2 battle line.  I assumed between 1k-2k it was 2 battle line units (the greenskin boys). But since I have a unit of 20 and a unit of 10 is easy to split it into 3 units of 10 and have 3 battle line units. 

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