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On 12/28/2022 at 12:54 PM, Nicolas12 said:

How do you set up battlefields? The rules state a minimum of pieces, but how do you pick them? Each player one at a time? Can you choose free or is there a D6 table?

Can a Sylvaneth player set up only woods?

Defender gets to set up the table. Defender can choose freely what terrain is on the table while following the rules for placement ( 6 inches from other terrain and 3 inches away from center of objectives and 3 inches away from edge of table.)

Attacker then chooses which territory is his and will deploy in.

Faction terrain, like syvaneth wyldwoods, Is then placed before deployment. 

All faction terrain has their own setup rules that you can find either on the warscroll or in the armies battle traits.

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