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Events USA: Southern Califorina Battlehost Tournament


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Event Title: Southern Califorina Battlehost Tournament
Event Author: AustinTheMan
Calendar: Events USA
Event Date: 10/01/2016 11:00 AM to 10/01/2016 06:00 PM

On October 1st, Green Tower Games in Santa Clarita, Califorina is hosting a small one day event consisting of 3 games at 2,000 points. It will be the first tournament at this newly opened store and it would be awesome to get a little crowd going for it. I'll be there to help out the newer players so anyone is welcome. Hopefully some people can make it for this. Please let me know if anyone has some interest in attending!



Southern Califorina Battlehost Tournament

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Hey Austin,

I'm interested in attending this tournament, just need to get the all clear with the wife but should be fine.

Going to muster up 2000 pts mixed chaos.  Afraid its mostly grey plastic still as I have had very little time to paint so far and I'm going to use a bunch of really old metal chaos I have to fill the ranks.  But I was looking at Green Towers FB page and you seemed to indicate this would be ok.

This will be my first real chance to play a competitive game of AOS but really want to get playing a bit more.




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