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2k Clan Skryre/Verminus List


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With all the Skaven talk recently, I put together a 2k list! The core is the Verminus battalion, supported by a number of Skryre units. I'm thinking of painting them up as Clan Vrrtkin; a thrall clan of Skryre, that specializes in gassing other Skaven warrens. B|

Verminlord Warbringer - 300 pts.
Arch-warlock - 140 pts.
Chieftan with Battle Standard - 140 pts.
Skaven Warlord - 100 pts.

Clanrats (20) - 120 pts.
Clanrats (20) - 120 pts.
Clanrats (20) - 120 pts.

Stormvermin (20) - 280 pts.
Warpfire Thrower Weapon Team - 60 pts.
Warpfire Thrower Weapon Team - 60 pts.
Poisoned Wind Mortar Weapon Team - 60 pts.
Skyre Acolytes (5) - 60 pts.
Stormfiends (3) - 300 pts.
Packmaster - 60 pts.

Verminus Clawpack Battalion - 80 pts.

Total: 2,000 pts.

There's some good synergy between the Verminus units: the Verminlord acts as the general, and his spell provides other Verminus units with the Blood Warriors' No Respite rule. Both he and the Warlord will be able to use their command abilities, as the battalion rule lets the Warlord do so, even when not the general. The Arch-warlock lets me cast 2 spells a turn and gives some mortal wound coverage. The Chieftain is great, as he provides immunity to battleshock in a 13" radius.

The Stormfiends will probably have Shock Gauntlets: on a hit roll of 6 they'll do D6 damage instead of 1. They can do this on a roll of 5+, if they get buffed with +1 to hit; 4+ up with a 2+ bonus. The Packmaster provides them with the first +1 to hit, and lets them run/charge an extra inch.

The Skyre Acolytes offer some medium-close range shooting. They get +1 to hit against units of 10+ models. They don't require LOS to their target, so they can hide behind the Clanrats and chuck poison globes. They're great against high-armor units, thanks to -2 rend. The Poisoned Wind Mortar can fire without LOS also,  with greater range and the possibility of increasing it to 30". They get the same +1 to hit bonus, and do a flat 6 damage if the target has 20+ models. Both are fluffy in a Clan Vrrtkin list!

I'm thinking of playing around with the numbers of the Clanrats. One idea was to go 40, 10, 10; I'd use the big unit to support the Stormvermin and actually kill things, while the small units can screen the weapon teams or sit on objectives. I could also go 30, 20, 10. I'd have to actually play a few games and see what works.  


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