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SE 1K list from existing models


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So I started out with the big starter box set and picked up other models I enjoyed or through looked cool (aka prior to GHB).  now that the GHB is out and the starter set battalion is not allowed I'm finding I am having a hard time building a list to do anything at my local GW Store.  We play mostly 1K points with allegiance abilities (Order sucks compared to the others)

Can I get some ideas?

Current Models built and painted

  • Lord Celestant on Dracoth
  • Lord Relicator
  • Lord Relicator
  • Knight Vennator
  • Knight Azyros
  • 5 Retributors
  • 5 Liberators x 3
  • LoreMaster
  • 3 Prosecutors

Still needing to be built and painted

  • 5 Retributors


I was thinking the Hammerstrike Battalion once I get the remaining 5 Retributors done.

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