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Archaon and Cultist Battleline



Does Archaon make Cultist-units (Iron Golems, Untamed Beasts etc.) into Battlelines if he is the general?


If you give a Cultist unit a Mark of Chaos keyword, it has the Battleline battlefield role if it has the same Mark of Chaos keyword as the model that was picked to be the army's general.

From RAW I'd say no at first glance but it seems a bit weird and I've seen tournament lists where they were counted as being Battleline (i.e. conflicting information).

PS: The text under Aura of Chaos would imply that the Khorne, Tzeentch... keywords on Archaons scroll are considered Mark of Chaos keywords, therefore he has to pick an Aura that applies for the game and furthermore the rule above should be active as well. Technically the whole questions boils down to what exactly are Mark of Chaos keywords.

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If you pick Archaon to be your general, he'd give battleline to all cultists units because he has every mark of chaos - the mark of chaos keyword doesn't actually mean anything other than KHORNE, TZEENTCH, SLAANESH, NURGLE or UNDIVIDED - any time you see one of those keywords, the model has a mark of chaos. If you instead make someone else your general and he's just "a general" due to warmaster, he wouldn't be "the model that was picked to be the army's general" so that wouldn't happen.


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