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2000 pts Settra List


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So from the models I have this was what I'm thinking for a Settra list. I know Necropolis Knights would be optimal but they are just too expensive, so I subbed in my Spirit Hosts instead. 



Settra - General

Tomb King - w Shield - Artifact Tomb Blade

Liche Priest




30 Skeleton Warriors Spear/Shield 

3 Skeleton Chariots

3 Skeleton Chariots

9 Spirirt Hosts



Necrosphinx or Mourngul 




Necrosphinx would be the more offensive alpha strike build. With the mourngul I'll probably give the Tomb King the cursed book to stack negatives to hit and have a more defensive build. The Spirits act as a buffer for Settra and use his +1 to hit to get mortal wounds on a 5+.  

Use the rest of the leaders to stack buffs on the Skeles to make them actually useful. 

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