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Beast+Mortals+Daemons Khorne


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I have a small Beasts of Chaos Army roughly 700 points. The start collecting box+ 10 Gors and 3 Bullgors. 

I was thinking of adding some slaves to darkness\khorne models and running them as a khorne army. Does anybody have any pointers on best way to do this? 

I am planning to run a beastmen brass despoilers batallion in order to get them the Khorne keyword. Would a logical step to be get the Slaves to Darkness start collecting or maybe the goreband start collecting and go from there? 

Is it worth building a Mortals\Beasts\Daemon soup Khorne Army? Doesn't need to be top 1 percent in tourneys or anything but if they are absolutely trash competitively than maybe I'll leave it. 

I had a game with a friend using a Slaanesh army against my beasts and he mopped the floor with me(although he was using the old Slaanesh rules without any nerfs as we are both inexperienced and didn't realise they had been nerfed).

If I do decide to go with this do I need to buy the slaves to darkness and the Khorne battletome? Or will just the Khorne one do? I already have the beastmen tome.

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You should definitely start with the goreblade start collecting, it contains so many important heros for Khorne to function.

You could definitely build an army like that, but with that many keywords it would be best to run it in larger point games

It makes sense you got rolled over, pre-nerf slaanesh was the most broken faction in sigmar history (had a 76% winrate at one point)

And you'll only need the khorne battletome

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