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Brand new to AoS... can someone take a peek at my living cities list?


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So, I am brand new to AoS and was gifted 6 Kurnoth Hunters and some Dryads by a friend to bring me in.  Also the Sylvaneth Tome.  I was...  not a fan, but found out that I can use some Sylv in LC...  so, that’s where I went.  I’m not looking to necessarily win tournaments, but I’d prefer to not be wiped out by turn two with my friend or at the local FLGS.  Wondering if anyone would mind critiquing my list.


living city-Ghyran



-Nomad Prince(General): Druid of the Everspring, cage of thorns, spear of the hunt

-Freeguild General

-Battlemage: cage of thorns



-Eternal Guard(20)(Battleline)

-Sisters of the Watch(20)(battleline)

-Freeguild Handguns(20)(battleline)

-Freeguild Greatswords(20)

-Sisters of the Thorn(5):spell?

-Kurnoth Hunters(6):Scythes?


idea being to send the Sylvaneth and maybe the sisters of the thorn on the hidden paths.  Could alternatively run a runelord, longbeards, and irondrakes instead of the Freeguild.


i also don’t know who to make my generals adj. or what spell to give the sisters...  heal to keep the hunters alive or the armor spell for the same reason.  Or the retinue, though I’d lean towards the guard probably 


im new to war gaming in general, though do understand synergies decently from past experience with CCGs.  



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Looks pretty solid, it's a good idea to include both the arch-rev and 6 scythe dudes in your army, that combo chews through most things! I would try to find some way to squeeze an Emerald Lifeswarm endless spell into your list, bringing back d6 models with it is really good in Living City. I think your Greatswords/Handgunners/General combo might be decent as well, you've got 3 good micro-factions in your list, which is how CoS is supposed to go. I'd give it a try in some games!

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