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Events UK: Witney Warhammer One - Secrets of Dinorwig

Phil D

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Event Title: Witney Warhammer One - Secrets of Dinorwig
Event Author: Phil D
Calendar: Events UK
Event Date: 02/20/2021 12:00 AM to 02/21/2021 12:00 AM

Hi Narrative Players,

On the 17th & 18th of July 2021 we will be hosting a Narrative event weekend at The Corn Exchange Witney for 20 players. We encourage you to save the date in your diary now.

Your story will be played over 6 scenarios of varying size (maximum of 2000 points), with faction “subquests” between rounds.

The armies taking part will be split into two forces, Liberators (Order & Death) and Resistance (Chaos & Distruction), who will either attempt to liberate the region and re-establish a former beacon of Order or resist the invasion and maintain the status quo.

Each of these forces will be led by a participating Commander (We are looking for volunteers 😊) whose role will be to unite the disparate warlords into a single fighting force and to share information to discover the Secrets  of Dinorwic.

We will be releasing the event pack in this thread very soon and then putting tickets on sale (Sneak peak at the event pack cover). Keep an eye on this thread and follow our Twitter account @WarhammerWitney for all the lastest information.


wwone pack final_lo.pdf

Witney Warhammer One - Secrets of Dinorwig


Edited by Phil D
Covid-19 restirctions make current date unavailable.
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Witney Warhammer One – The Secrets of Dinorwig 17th-18th  July 2021



A 2 day, narrative event at the Corn Exchange, Witney, Oxfordshire.

The event is limited to a maximum of 20 players to promote player safety given the ongoing COVID 19 situation.

Tickets will cost £50 and are on sale 08.00 GMT on 30th September 2020!


Ticket price includes home cooked hot lunch both days and cake on Saturday afternoon. A deposit of £5.00 will secure your place with the player list published 12th October.

Players who don’t make the initial list will be placed on a reserve list until all tickets are purchased.

The full event pack can be found below.



We look forward to seeing you all back rolling dice!

wwone pack final_lo.pdf

Edited by Phil D
Covid-19 restrictions
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We have received comments that it is not possible to download the event pack.

You will need to be logged in to your TGA account before you can download the pack. If you do not have a TGA Account please let us know and we will find a way to get an event pack to you.

Sorry if this has caused any confusion.

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Greetings General! tickets are on sale tomorrow (30th September) at 8am for #WWOne Secrets of Dinorwig

With tickets on sale tomorrow we wanted to reassure everyone that there is a full guarantee for the event. If it is cancelled or there are Covid related issues we will refund your ticket cost in full. The venue is huge and there is plenty of space for social distancing.

Your future awaits!

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2 minutes ago, Phil D said:

Tickets are on sale now! To reserve a place send a £5 deposit via Paypal to witneywarhammer@gmail.com (friends and family) #WWOne remember to add your real name and grand alliance you intend to bring & let us know if you would like to be a commander


I've been sat here for the last 10 minutes watching a world clock so fingers crossed we've made it in!

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Ticket update

Glad to see you are all excited for this event, we didn't expect to sell out so quickly, but we have!! The plan was to post the players list on the 12th October, we will now post the initial players list here and on Twitter tomorrow morning so as not to keep you in suspense. The final payment date will remain unchanged, no rush to pay up, unless you want to.

We are oversubscribed so will include the full reseerve list. If all payments are made by the 31st October and you are not assigned a ticket we will refund your deposit on the 1st November. We can't thank you all enough for your support.


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Thank you for the patience. Here is the player reserves list for #WWOne Secrets of Dinorwig. Congratulations to those 20 confirmed players, to confirm you ticket please pay the balance to our PayPal before the 31st of October.

1 Steve Foote
2 Ben Foote
3 Ollie Grimwood
4 Ben Mardle
5 Mark Mitzman
6 James Wrath
7 Jon Charles
8 Tom Fownes
9 Ol Barrett
10 Damien Medhurst
11 Gabriele Sosso
12 Dan Summerbell 
13 Toby Durr
14 Lawrence East
15 Richard Harding
16 Carl Hewson 
17 Martin Clarke
18 Michael Browning
19 Ben Johnson
20 James Hobbs
Reserve 1 James Powell
Reserve 2 Richard Nutter
Reserve 3 Tom Field
Reserve 4 Daniel Elkington
Reserve 5 Rhys Evans
Reserve 6 Ben van buul
Reserve 7 Chris Smith
Reserve 8 Alan Hancox
Reserve 9 James Allen



Edited by Phil D
Player list updated
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We still have one place available for this event next weekend. So why not sign up and be part of the first Narrative two day AoS3.0 event?

Current player list is:

1. Steve Foote

2. Ben Foote

3. Ollie Grimwade

4. Ben Mardle

5. James Warth

6. Jon Charles

7. Tom Fownes

8. Ol Barrett

9. Damien Medhurst

10. Gabriele Sosso

11. Dan Summerbell

12. Toby Durr

13. Lawrence East

14. Michael Browning

15. Ben Johnson

16. Richard Nutter

17. Tom Field

18. Rhys Evans

19. Ben van Buul

20. Paul Berridge

21. Steve Wren

22. ? Could this be you?

So come along and join these intrepid generals as they fight to discover the Secret of Dinorwig.



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