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  1. My best guess would be something along the lines of FW being available through the main webstore or that rules writing for 40k and AoS will be moving into the main design studio allowing the current team to focus on the Specialist Games line. The first one would be bigger news as it should push FW to being more accepted everywhere.
  2. Without wanting this conversation to derail further down the rabbit hole, there's always seems to be a forgotten part of the hobby in these conversations: building. Would you play against somebody who didn't want to build their models because they thought they were bad at it and therefore just brought a bunch of bases to a game? We expect our opponents to build their models, it's not unreasonable to expect our opponents to at least try and paint them (of course within a reasonable timeframe). I'll play people with unpainted armies but if I have a choice between painted and unpainted, I'll always go for the painted army and if the same person turns up for 6 months with the same unpainted army, I'll invest my time in doing something else instead.
  3. A pile-in move counts as a move, it's in the core rules. They differentiate now between moves in the movement phase (Normal Moves), charging (Charge Moves) and pile-in (Pile-In Moves). All of those are considered as a move for something like the Blackshard Warhost. As a previous Free Peoples player, it mattered there too for things like the Freeguild General's CA.
  4. Only problem you may find is that my first Meeting Engagements game the other day had one of the players bringing their army on in reverse order which screwed me over. I think you definitely need fast stuff (which you've got) or ways to move models quicker. It may only be the one battleplan that does that though (I haven't checked them all).
  5. It can also be due to the way plastic injection molds work and the fact you can't get undercuts in that process. Breaking up pieces can allow a more detailed kit as it removes a lot of the limitations.
  6. It's just a celebratory day with some special stuff you can buy in store. Apocalypse and some other bits and bobs go up for preorder as well. I'm 99% certain that there won't be anything shown off tomorrow, the next likely big reveals will be July 20th at the AoS open day at Warhammer World.
  7. They may not have had any left in stock there and then but you can order them on the day when the shop runs out and they'll arrive a week or two later!
  8. Booooo, I must have missed that. I wasn't sure if they'd just release the updated PDFs for LoA and Monstrous Arcanum on Saturday when GHB drops or the week after (as FW are never on time). If Monstrous Arcanum is having big changes, I hope it doesn't affect the Chaos Mammoth too much as I've been planning to include one with my little angry dudes
  9. Has it been confirmed there are no changes to come for LoA?
  10. One thing from the video that I'm looking forward to is city fighting with rules for buildings including KNOCKING THEM DOWN! Time to start a new fantasy city board methinks. Hopefully we might see some new actual buildings scenery too one day!
  11. GW won't sell plastic kits ahead of when retailers can due to trade agreements, relations would sour pretty quick if people can go and purchase stuff early from GW and then not instead buy it from independents. Only time I've ever seen this broken was with Orlocks at last year's Heresy Weekender. And even then it was a very limited number of boxes and there was a delay because they had to speak to the legal team about it. There argument with that probably being that it was Necromunda and a 'lesser' stock item. So assuming you will actually be able to pick it up on the day, it's very likely that will be release with pre-order on the 13th.
  12. Necromunda is also doing perfectly fine, there's plenty coming in the pipeline including even more plastics, always a good sign if a specialist game is still being supported by GW with the effort and cost involved in plastics.
  13. Forge World had some issues with the most recent Horus Heresy book disappearing in customs or somewhere along the shipping line. It was meant to be available at the Heresy Weekender early Feb but they had to get another batch shipped over which meant it didn't release until later on in March. Could be something similar has happened here. Heck, it could have even been part of the same shipment.
  14. Cheers @Mitzy! When do we find out which coalition we're part of?
  15. I'm churning out top hats for my gobbos at a rate of knots!
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