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Hey guys,

Long time lurker here, thought I'd make an account after years of browsing as I transition from someone who just painted a lot of warhammer, to someone who also plays (badly) and would like to share my thoughts with people who understand the game better.

My first AoS army was finished late last year, I chose to run a gloomspite squig list as I have fond memories of the old squig models.

Now with the rule changes to specifically squig based lists, I'm tinkering away at my armies list and will likely be seeking advice as I try to go from a filthy casual to someone hoping to win a little more often :D - my first 10 games have been a pretty poor win ratio (2-8) and while I am totally okay with that, it would be cool to up that a little!

Here's my pride n joy (or most of them, anyway!) Looking forward to contributing and joining this fine community.



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added a pic :D
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