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Competitve 2k seraphon for tourney in 2 weeks


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Hi guys,

Just got back into the game and played just a 1k game. I'm trying to figure out my Seraphon army and this poped into mind.

Eternity guardian (140)

Skink Starseer (160) 

Loremaster (100) 

2x 10  Saurus warriors (200)

15 Saurus guard (300)

Bastilodon (300)

10 chameleon Skinks (240)

10 Skinks (80)

1 Skink Priest (100)

6 ripperdactil (280)

Shadowstrike Starhost

TOTAL 2020

So the biggest problem here is those extra 20 points. How could I get rid of them without nerfing the list too much? an idea is removing the Bastilodon for 3 salamnders which can output as much damage as the bastilodon, but any other idea is wellcome.

So the Loremaster is there to give to the Bastilodon rerolls to both hit and wound. That couple with using some rerolls from the Starseer will probably make a good number of shots with plenty of rerolls.

Saurus guard are my main units, which with the Eternity guardian and maybe rerolls from the skink priest, should be able to hold their ground.

Ryperdactils and Chameleon are my "alpha Strike". Ryperdactils with the benefits from the host, even with the rule of one, can still be pretty nasty at 18 attacks with +1 to hit and rerolls to hit and wound that generate extra attacks, plus and another 18 claws and 6 spears, should be enough to get rid of anything but the tankiest units. They average 40 wounds before saving rolls.

Chameleon, can also go hunting soft pieces or start puting rolls on big monsters.

Skinks and warriors are my "chaff" or objective holders.

Any comments?


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Based on your interest in Eternal Starhost and Shadowstrike Starthost I came up with this list:


Saurus Eternity Warden (140)
Skink Priest (100)

Saurus Guard x 10 (200)
Saurus Guard x 10 (200)
Saurus Guard x 5 (100)
Ripperdactyl Riders x 6 (280)
Chameleon Skinks x 5 (120)
Chameleon Skinks x 5 (120)
Salamanders x 1 (60)

Bastiladon (300)

Eternal Starhost (80)
Shadowstrike Starhost (120)

Total: 1820/2000

Some leftover points for customization and I guess to pick a named General?

Or second Skink Priest.

Or Starseer for dice rerolls i.e. turn order.

Or Guard/Skinks for objective holding.

If you include a Loremaster, I think it removes Seraphon battle line, so you would need normal warriors/skinks in this list. 

Currently Guard are your battle line.

This gives you a tanky bubble you can walk towards the enemy/main objective with.

Use bastiladon to line of sight your priest so he doesn't get sniped.

Guards lose HARD to mortal wounds. ALL IN your opponent's mortal wound source with 6 rippers w/toad and 5+5 Chamo skinks. 

They might all die, but if your opponent doesn't have mortal wounds, how do they beat buffed guard? They don't.

Leftover Chamo Skinks can just teleport onto objectives/terrain and harass the edge of units.

The unit of 5 Guard can be sent on distant objectives and hold decently well if you have a 3rd hero in the list to sit near/buff them.

Push Bastiladon into melee range to continue tanking enemies and holding them up, but always be ready to block LOS for that skink priest. Remember Bastiladon is good at shooting enemy heroes, mortal wound sources, or anything with -2/3 rend. Skink priest can dish out a few ranged dps too, but don't sacrifice its own survivability for mediocre shots.

If enemy doesn't come to your wall, just run the guards up the field for 1-2 turns until it becomes objective capture time.

Shadowstrike chamo skink/rippers can also hill/harass lone generals/artillery and just wipe them out. Always kill mortal wound/-2/-3 rend.

Let us know if you do a test game how it turns out. You can just proxy those 10 warriors as the other 10 guard.

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