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Gosh how exciting hello

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Hello everyone.

I'm in the process of building a Stormcast army with starter boxes with friends of mine who are taking other parts, collecting mortal ralms components and working my way through the AOS ascention Uk facebook group campaign.

Paingint *hard*, going through a lot of retribution armour and looking forward to havinga good time at least at my FLGS but maybe out there in thebig bad with a relaxed system after 5 years of Infinity.

I'm sitting at around 1k points right now.  and painting painting painting.  

Who want's to see my efforts so far ?

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so i'm trying to dfecide between a grimdark battered shiny and celestial awesome shiny, but get biased by the ShieldBearer being my faveorite Sequitor model by far.

Da bossmang. WIP



My favorite Sequitor sculpt, I think.



More grimdark, less competent.



Loving getting paint to models this year, i'm hoping i get better as time goes on.

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