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Hexgorger Skulls




Does this rule also work for endless spells?

In addition, if a Wizard attempts to cast a spell while it is within 12" of both models from the same Hexgorger Skulls Judgement of Khorne, and the casting roll is an unmodified 8, then that casting attempt is not successful, that Wizard no longer knows that spell, and each Wizard within 12" of that Judgement of Khorne suffers D6 mortal wounds.

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Short answer: No

There's a similar situation in the Legions of Nagash FAQ


Q: Nagash and Arkhan know the spells that other Wizards know. Can Hexgorger Skulls make them forget the spells?

A: Only if there are no other Wizards in range for them to ‘relearn’ the spell from.

When Hexgorger Skulls wipe Endless Spells from a Wizard's memory, they relearn them because they're still there. Rules-wise Endless Spells aren't known by a Wizard in the first place but by your army. For the same reason this ability wouldn't work on spells of the realms if you're using the Realm of Battle rules.

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