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New to Gloomspite Gits I've come up with a couple of lists please pick them apart so that they become better.


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Hey all I'm just getting into Gits and in my head I'm really digging the idea of playing Squigs backed up by Troggoths. Please have a look at my list and pick it apart for any glaring weaknesses or what not so it can be better on paper before I start investing money in the models. Thank you!


Loonboss on Mangler Squigs (General)
Fight Another Day
Sword of Judgement

Loonboss on Giant Squig

Fungoid Cave Shaman (Hand of Gork)

Fungoid Cave Shaman (Squig Lure)

Squig Hoppers x10

Squig Hoppers x5

Stabbas x20

Boingrot Bounders x15

Rockgut Troggoths x6

Fellwater Troggoths x6

Sneaky Snufflers x6


Between the Cogs and the Loonboss on Giant Squig I together adding +5 to my Squigs movement that should hopefully mitigate the Squig's random movement somewhat. And if the Snufflers can buff the Boingrots, that 90 attacks they'll get to do on top of their 15 chances to cause a mortal wound on the charge! The Stabbas are basically just there to sit on an objective and give the Fungoids Look Out Sir while they help move units around with their spells.


The next list is more "traditional" I suppose? Tons of Stabbas essentially. I haven't played horde armies before and Gits seems like a fun army to jump into the horde aspect of the game :)

Skraggot, the Loonking (General, Itchy Nuisance)


Fungoid Cave Shaman (Hand of Gork)

Stabbas x60
Spears and all the trimmings

Stabbas x40
Spears and all the trimmings

Stabbas x20
Swords and all the trimmings

Loonsmasha Fanatics x10

Boingrot Bounderz x10

Sneaky Snufflers x6

Sneaky Snufflers x6

Sneaky Snufflers x6

Sporesplatta Fanatics x5


Should be getting plenty of command points due to Skragot and Fungoid. Can teleport a big unit of Stabbas then release Fanatics (fun dirty trick... very in line with Gits lol).

Can also potentially buff Stabbas to having  5  attacks each causing mortal wounds on 6s and being -1 to hit (-2 if the enemy unit is also affected by Gemenids).  Sporsplattas screen the Loonboss on foot so he can't be snipped right away.

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Personally I prefer the first list, but I'd change the squig hoppers and stabbas for cave squigs, and field a big fat (intimidating) herd of them. Id also consider dropping the Loonboss on giant squig unless you're absolutely set on him. The free advance from squig lure will be more than enough to shoot your boingrots up field into a favourable charge. Keep the trogs as close to your squigs as you can, as they're the counter-charge units which will absolutely Shrek anything which charged your squigs. Sneaky snufflers are meh. If you give the extra attacks to the mailer squigs with SoJ then they're ok but do you really want to spend 70 points on 1 more attack with the sword, maybe?  I think you would be better off running a madcap in their place. So:

(300) for the Loonboss on mangler squigs. make sure to make use of his abilities on your squigs, and EAT HIS MUSHROOM. chances are there won't be another time to use it. If he's gonna go for it, go hard or go home. I don't run Fight another Day, but I guess this would give you more control and opportunity to eat a *crisp* mushroom and absolutely eat their terrorgheist. 

(420) 3 x 12 cave squigs, and battle lines done

(90) FCS: squig lure 

(90) FCS: hand of cork 

(90) FCS: call da moon. Hear me out on this one. It goes off on an 8, but when your under the moon, and you've even the mushroom of magic, call da moon + arcane bolt is perfect for bracketing a pesky monster or sniping an enemy wizard. Call has no range, only visible targets. The amount of people who ask to see the battle tome after I declare im sniping the wizard they've placed in the very back corner OR cheeky extra wounds on Kroak or their slann star master, who otherwise ****** off round the map. Ive enjoyed the spell, but with 3 FCS you might be okay to just put vindictive glare on him, and run him right at the opposition alongside your Manglers/squigs/trogs. alternatively Itchy nuisance is an amazing spell to cast on a big monster which you manglers and boingorts or trogs are gonna pummel. 

(300) 15 x Boingrot bounders. Yeah ok I see the snufflers would be good buffing these guys, ill throw them back in. 

(280) 6 trogs

(280) 6 MORE trogs. love it. 

(70) 6 sneaky snufflers. Keep them with the boingrots for a silly amount of attacks.

(60) the cogs. Honestly the squigs movement has yet to ****** me up, and I played 2 games a week for a 12 week path of glory game with them. But insurance IS nice if you're into that.  But if you're gonna believe in RNGesus (as you kinda have to with GSG) you might as believe hardcore and throw in a madcap shaman for Call da moon or itchy nuisance to make it 2000. but if its the cogs you heart desires, the list will be 1980. 


We have our eggs more spread than butter on bread. This is a do-everything-at-once list which is decent against every list. If they're running hordes, kamikaze your battle line in and hope they survive long enough for you to snipe their leaders, then kite the horde with your somewhat superior movement. The trogs can be body guard or screen duty, but I normally run them as body guard around a glass cannon unit (I hope for your sake they cant keep up with your boingrots in this case) otherwise hand of gorking the rockguts in to throw stones then hopefully (RNGesus save us) charge a backline hq. 100% worth considering Hand of gorking one the squig herds onto an objective in no mans land while you throw down midfield. 

The main power of the list is that everything is a threat that has to be addressed, and if something goes wrong and your troggs get eaten by a star drake, your boingrots aren't far away... (RNGesus willing). Protecting the manglers is definitely something I'd do, as 12 wounds and a 4+ isn't much when considering what the manglers throw down against. (Gristlegore is always subject to the power of RNGe- you get my point). If youre fine with maybe losing the throw down in mid but coming away with 3 turns worth of objectives, and can gauge the value of both, this list shouldn't really get blown out of the water ever. 



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