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  1. Yes, you absolutely can cast spells while there are no targets. The rules state you roll to cast the spell first and once successfully cast, you choose a target and resolve the spell. It doesn't matter if there are no legal targets because you technically check for legal targets after the spell has been cast, and our Fate point mechanic give points when the spell is cast not when the spell affects a target. Many a round 1 spell has been cast "up into the sky as an impressive fireworks show" just to make Fate points in my games lol
  2. Rasps are great. Last game I played against Beasts of Chaos, one unit of 10 rasps not only held off a unit of 30 ambushing Gors, they eventually wiped out the unit! I figured that these particular rasps must have been the spirits of Leonidas and the 300 lol! Another unit of 10 rasps elsewhere in the battle were also able to keep a unit of Bullgors tied up and wound up finishing them off after a couple of rounds as well, mostly thanks to being buffed up by a nearby Spirit Torment and Guardian of Souls. Tempted to try 2 units of 20 in my next game but so far I'm very happy how my 3 units of 10 have performed!
  3. I've been playing a 14 drop MSU list and I have yet to roll 10+ on any charge roll in any of the games I've been playing so far lol Being able to deep strike 7 different units where ever they're needed on the battlefield, however, is incredibly tasty.
  4. Ok so my friend and I have reached a trade agreement and I'm excited to soon by playing Nighthaunt! I've come up with a list that I believe I can run two ways as they both use the models. List 1: Battalions The Condemned Shroudguard Leaders Knight of Shrouds on Steed (General) Ruler of the Spirit Hosts Cloak of the Waxing Moon Lady Orlynder Spirit Drain Spirit Torment Pendant of the Fell Wind Guardian of Souls Wychlight Lantern Shademist Battleline Chainrasp Horde x20 Chainrasp Horde x20 Spirit Host x3 Other: The Black Coach Bladegeist Revenants x10 Bladegeist Revenants x10 Chainghasts x2 Endless Spells Malevolent Maelstrom List 2: Leaders Knight of Shrouds on Steed (General) Ruler of the Spirit Hosts Lady Orlynder Spirit Drain Kurdross Valentain Spirit Torment Pendant of the Fell Wind Guardian of Souls Shademist Battleline Chainrasp Horde x10 Chainrasp Horde x10 Chainrasp Horde x10 Hexwraiths x5 Hexwraiths x5 Other: The Black Coach Bladegeist Revenants x5 Bladegeist Revenants x5 Bladegeist Revenants x5 Chainghasts x2 Endless Spells Chronochromantic Cogs List 1 uses Battalions to buff up the Chainrasps and Bladegeists even more, list 2 uses is MSU with speed due to Cogs and Pendant. I'm also getting a Mourghoul as part of the trade, so I can also use that in List 2 instead of the 2 Hexwraith units. What do you all think of either list?
  5. Hello again so I'm tinkering with the Nighthaunt army in the AoS app and I think I'm starting to come up with a list that looks like something that I'd like to run. What do you all think? Knight of Shrouds (mounted version) 120 General Terrifying Entity Headsman's Judgement Lady Olynder 220 Spirit Drain OR Spirit Drain (haven't decided) Reikenor the Grimhailer 170 Soul Cage Guardian of Souls 140 Chillblade Shademist Spirit Torment 120 Battleline: Chainrasp Horde x20 160 Chainrasp Horde x20 160 Grimghast Reapers x10 Other: Black Coach 260 Bladegeist Revenants x10 180 Bladegeist Revenants x10 180 Chainghasts x2 70 Endless Spells: Ravenak's Gnashing Jaws 30 Suffocating Gravetide 20 Malevolent Maelstrom 10 2000 points I suppose if the real strength of a NH army is fishing for those 10+ charges, I can take all my divide all my units by half to double the drops and Terrifying Entity can hopefully make more charge opportunities happen. Gnashing Jaws and Gravetide for the -1 Bravery debuffs which is nice especially with all the cool things that can happen based on failed Battleshock tests. Maelstrom only because I had 10 points leftover and who knows it might come in handy.
  6. Hi everyone! I have roughly 3000 points worth of Deepkin that I was considering selling but one of the guys I play games with offered me to trade his Nighthaunt collection for it. Assuming his collection is about equal to mine (money wise) do you think I should make the trade? Why or why not? What does a typical competitive Nighthaunt army look like? I really like the models for Lady Olyander and the Black Coach. Would including those 2 models in a 2K list do well? Thanks! BTW if you're wondering why I gave up on Deepkin its because I'm not a fan of armies that spam the same/similar units over and over again and so the fact that the eels are objectively better at everything than everything else in the army and so as much as I loved the models they're just not my style in gameplay, so they've been shelved about a year ago and I've been playing Tzeentch / Beasts of Chaos ever since.
  7. As long as the Changeling didn't do any of the things that would cause Arch Deciever to deactivate (cast spells, unbind, attack, etc) then I dont see a reason why this would not work.
  8. Tzeentch main here! We have an artifact (Mark of the Conjurer) that's been FAQed to give us 2 Fate points instead of 1 when our casting roll is a double. It uses the exact same wording as the Enrapturess so unless we've been playing our artifact wrong since GH 2018 I would agree that the Enrapturess ability pretty much auto wounds LoC/Kairos. Ouch!
  9. Not sure about #1 as I haven't gotten a chance to play Changehost yet. #2 I believe you can only make dispell attempts against Endless Spells before any casting so at the start of your Hero Phase if you dispell one of your Endless Spells off the table you can cast it later in that same Hero phase. #3 from the FAQ: Page 77 – Fated Artefacts, Paradoxical Shield Change the rules text to: ‘Re-roll successful save rolls for the bearer. In addition, add 2 to the save rolls for the bearer (after any re-rolls have been taken).’ I believe the order of operation for Paradoxial Shield on GS would be make your armor save, then reroll any 6s, then add +2 to the result. So 4s and 5s don't need to be rerolled.
  10. How is everyone else finding Flamers now at 140? I just gave some a spin in my last game and they were absolutely awesome. A unit of 3 and a unit of 10 Acolytes were able to hold one of my rear objectives and melt away 10 ungors, 10 bestigors, and the beastlord general. \ I feel their shooting is much better than the Skyfire's. That extra shot per model plus that bonus d3 mortals at the end of the shooting phase really adds up the wounds. I think I will try to include at least 1 in my lists going forward and get a 2nd box of them for summoning. I think I can expect to have enough fate points by turn 2 or 3 for the Changehost list I have written down and will start playing once I get the chance to buy a few more Horrors boxes.
  11. The app just updated and the Summoner with Familiars is still there for 180 points and the one without familiars is a separate choice for 160.
  12. I just started playing with this combo for fun and found it to be really disruptive for my opponent plus it's not that hard to pull off. Now at a 70 point discount I'll happily try incorporating this in my more competitive lists.
  13. In one of the videos I've seen where they talk about point changes they say the points for Skyfires has changed to 200 for 3. But it's always been that cost?
  14. where is the source of these point changes you are all seeing currently?
  15. It was a friendly game so I wasn't keeping count but but the Sun took out a good chunk out of his 40 man Gor unit, 9 mortal wounds to his Ghorgon, a couple of Bullgors, and several units of Ungor. In combat the changeling killed 7 Bestigor because his hero with the crazy Gavespawn Axe was nearby. The Bestigors took him down ton1 wound and I was able to retreat but unfortunately the Nurgle Beastmen dona thing where when one of their units is wiped out they do a mortal wound to things within a certain distance on a +2 and that's now my Changeling was killed. The Sun that far into his army did ensure that there was no way it would wander into my units and I credit it plus my Summoner's casting for deleting pretty much his entire left flank.
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