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Events UK: Rise of Empires: Heroes and Monsters


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Event Title: Rise of Empires: Heroes and Monsters
Event Author: HobbyHammer
Calendar: Events UK
Event Date: 11/18/2019 06:00 PM to 11/18/2019 11:49 PM

Heroes and Monsters Event 2019 - See Pack Attached!


I know this is a small event but i thought i would do a small pack for it which will hold all the info for the evening. This event is 3 games totaling a 1000 points each game with an hour to play each game. The 1000 points of your army can only consist of Leaders (Not Unique) and/or Behemoths using the profiles in the GHB or Battletome. You must have a minimum of 3 heroes in your army with no max amount. 16 Witch Hunters can be a thing... We will have custom battleplans and objectives with players rolling for injuries after each game. 

A Few little Rules...

 One Hero must be selected as the General and be given a Command Trait from either the Battletome it belongs too or the Grand Alliance it is part of.

 Up to three heroes can be given Artefact's of Power from their Battletome or the Grand Alliance it belongs too. No Realm Artefact's can be used.

 No Battalions.

Heroes with abilities to summon can do so, however can not summon anything except its own allegiance battleline units and can only bring one unit of the minimum warscroll unit size per turn.

 You can elect to have a pool of 300 points extra worth of heroes and monsters in case any characters die along to the way

  Uglu Realmscape features will be in play except Shadow Realms, re roll this one and ignore on the Command Ability rule.

Bottom Note: This event is meant to be fun for all, if you find a combination that will basically break to game and give anyone a non game, don't bring it.. If you do bring it and you are found to be abusing the event. You will be asked to leave. Send your lists to sean.houghton11@gmail.com for checking before the event if unsure.


Rise of Empires: Heroes and Monsters

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