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Lost and Forgotten


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OK so this is attempt 3 to post this,   Hi i'm Aaron from Twitter,  Im not super good at this so If im ****** it all up please forgive me LOL 
 I make Homebrew warbands and such for warcry.  I find the units that are probably not going to be added but should be and make warbands for them.  I was told I should post all this stuff here so .... here it is.   this is a Work In Progress so let me know if there is a warband I am missing I'll add them in. This is going to be a right proper PDF when I am done, with some new warbands, some monsters and beasts as well as a scenario or two and some really poorly written fiction... by myself as I don't have anyone else writing for me LOL!!!  I'm hoping to get the Black Ark Corsairs finished today and the Ogres by tomorrow then I will comb the worlds for more monsters and beasts  to add just becuase its super fun to have critters mulling about randomly in your warcry games.  ALSO it should be said that all this is owned by GW and this is all just fan art of a sort, if they even look at me funny this will all go away! so get it while it's hot LOL!! 

warcry book cover lost and forgotten.jpg

Kharadron Overlords all info card.jpg

Searphon all info card.jpg

Sylvaneth all info card.jpg

Carnosaur Monster profile.jpg

Beast profile.jpg

Beast profile troggoths .jpg

Black ark Corsair Dread Captian.jpg

Black ark Corsair gaffing hook.jpg

Black ark Corsair harpoon.jpg

Black ark Corsair fighter card.jpg

Black ark Corsair punch dagger.jpg

Black ark Corsair bolt gun.jpg

Ogre fighter card.jpg

ogre pleb fighter card.jpg

Frost Sabres fighter card.jpg

gnoblar leader fighter card.jpg

gnoblar fighter card.jpg

entro story.jpg

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