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[H] Huge well painted Chaos collection [W] Paypal [L] EU


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https://ibb.co/album/f1KHiv - Tzeentch, books

https://ibb.co/album/nwfOOv - Nurgle

https://ibb.co/album/d4yciv - Khorne Slaanesh

Hey! I got a really huge Chaos collection to sell, mainly Tzeentch and Nurgle. All, except a few models, painted by myself. Heavily used, but always with care, won some small painting competitions. It's a 40k army, but I can divide it by gods if you wish. PM if interested, we can talk about price there.


4x books: Disciples of Tzeentch (AoS), Maggotkin of Nurgle (AoS), Chaos Daemons (40k), Thousand Sons (40k)


Lord of Change with Rod of Sorcery

Magnus the Red


Blue Scribes (finecast)

Ahriman on disc

Exalted Sorcerer on foot

2 Morghasts as Daemon Princes (one base colours only, second one not finished but TT)

Herald on foot

Pink horror from Silver Tower count as Herald on foot

Herald on Burning Chariot

30 Pink horrors (20 not painted by me, lower quality, 10 as seen on the pics)

30 Blue horrors

20 Brimstone horrors from GW

32 Brimstone horrors from third party (can't recall the name now)

Baleful Vortex



GUO (main weapon magnetized)

Mortarion (95% finished)


Herald on foot



3 Plague drones

30 Plaguebearers on 32mm

30 Plaguebearers on 25mm (repainted, slightly different colour)

3 Nurglings by GW

3 Nurglings from spare parts



Bloodthirster (broke on the flames, now pinned)

24 Bloodletters painted

6 Bloodletters sprues



Shalaxi with magnetized main weapon (so can be used as a KoS as well), only skin finished, rest left unpainted

Contorted Epitome

Infernal Enrapturess, sprues

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