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UPDATE 11/4/19 NOW 55% off, will consider international shipping! For Sale - Large Gloomspite Gitz Army PRICE REDUCED 40% off [US only]


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***PRICE REDUCED - 55% off! Motivated to sell.  $540 or make offers!*** 

Hey everyone!

Gaming add has got the better of me again, and I’m looking to expand on some Dwarves I picked up.  So, I have a very large Gloomspite Gitz army for sale!
It’s mostly assembled but unpainted with a few exceptions.  A few things are nib/nos and a few models were painted when I got the (but not many at all).
The list:
Skragrott The Loonking
Madcap Shaman (oop metal)
FW Shaman
FW Standard (used as a Loonboss)
FW Loonboss on Giant Squig
100 Sword Stabbas
32 Spear Stabbas
63 Shootas
-14 off bases
12 Goblin “command” (misc. champions, banners, gongs, 3 netters)
48 Squig Herd (24 nos)
20 Boingrot Bounders
5 Loonsmasha Fanatics
20 Spider Riders (10 nos, old bases)
-5 off bases/need work
6 Fellwater Troggs
Colossal Squig (needs some better gap filling)
Mangler Squig/Loonboss on Mangler Squig (nib)
Endless Spells
I also have a box with some odds and ends, mostly the old oop plastic goblins (from the 90s).  I’ll throw that all in for anyone who buys the lot.  I also have a bunch of homemade 3D printed 5 man movement trays.  I can throw in at least enough for 60 goblins if interested.
Can’t get pictures to upload for some reason.  I can provide them through email.
Total retail for the lot is around $1200.  I took into consideration the few things that need some work/don’t have bases.  Asking price is 55% off retail, $540, but that’s negotiable.
Cash is preferred, but I would consider a trade for a similar sized lot of Cities of Sigmar that is all Empire (mainly state troops) and/or Dwarves (ie. not too interested in Elves).
Thanks for looking!  Please PM me with offers!

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